Family Office

Relaxing and spending your precious time on the good things in life. You can do this if there is an advisor in the background who watches with you, someone who always provides you with the right information, so that you can take well-founded decisions faster and more easily.

Your most trusted advisor

For present and future generations, it is important that your capital is retained. You do not hand over this responsibility without a second thought. You want to keep control of it yourself, without having to worry about it every moment of the day. For that, you need an exceptionally skilled team of advisers, a ‘most trusted adviser’.

Commenda is a multi-family office: a specialised office that provides all conceivable financial and administrative services for a select group of very wealthy private individuals. Commenda advises and supports you with the organisation and expenditure of your capital. We are your expert and financial sounding board.

Commenda is one of the largest multi-family offices in the Netherlands.

The right hand of the client and the family

Our reputation is because of the exclusive care we provide for the financial welfare of the entire family.

Commenda charts all your assets. This can include residential properties and investments. We can also provide book-keeping services for your companies. We concentrate on limiting risks and making your assets profitable. We can provide a second opinion and, if necessary, place you in contact with leading consultants and our networks. Obviously, Commenda works together with your advisers.

We provide you with full administrative and secretarial support and can take over your day-to-day financial administration and payments, as well as handling your business and even your personal post, managing all current liquid assets and paying your invoices. We take care of your cash management.

Commenda records your specific requirements and preferences in procedures and in scenarios for constant quality assurance. Consequently, the services of our multi-family office are very specifically directed at you personally.

Commenda has a great deal of experience and a large network. Commenda also shares its knowledge and experience at a European level in cooperation with a number of European Family Offices.

New clients often reach us through recommendation. These are wealthy private individuals and families, people with a need for privacy. For us, this means a highly appreciated demonstration of trust.

Corporate Services

Commerce is not limited by boundaries. Commenda Corporate Services provides specialised services, often to international companies that include Dutch entities.

We work with well-known accountants, tax consultants and other service providers in the Netherlands and elsewhere.

Examples of our services include:
• Provision of domicile for domestic and foreign entities
• Company management and support work
• Administration for Dutch entities
• Supervising the incorporation of Dutch entities

Commenda works extremely efficiently and therefore saves costs. At Commenda, the lines of communication are short, switching can take place quickly and we work with dedicated staff. We can provide concrete advice and action for our clients. There is also our market insight, very high-quality network and our knowledge and experience. We would like to add here that without discretion, there can be no sustainable relationship. Commenda aims for first-class results.

For any detail about the vision of our firm please do not hesitate to contact Frederik Redelé.


You already have plenty of reports. And do you enjoy reading through all of them thoroughly? Or is that a job that is sometimes left lying, and do you think it would be an excellent idea if everything was in a single overall report?

Reports are important. You use them to check and analyse all figures and partly base your investment decisions on them. Your ‘gut feeling’ is fed with reports. On the basis of reports, you protect your capital and the future of your business and your family. Your most trusted advisor prepares a single overall report. This report is uniform and contains high-quality information.

A complete overview of all your assets in one report. Domestic and foreign asset elements, listed and unlisted, property, private equity and private collections. We check agreements reached and identify the existing risks.

Financial management

Since 2005 we have worked for a number of very wealthy clients, leading entrepreneurs from the Netherlands and beyond. We now also supply our consolidated investment reports to tax consultants, accountants, asset managers, foundations and family offices. This is not surprising, given our core activity, i.e. financial management of a high standard.

We can include all your domestic and foreign assets in the report, listed and unlisted, property, private equity, private collections and any other assets you wish to include. A uniform and transparent whole, considered from one point of view, which is also independent. No interests other than your own are involved.

Wealthy private individuals and funds have widely spread portfolios with various banks and asset managers. Given the complex composition, combining all the necessary information in a precise and efficient manner is important in order to provide the right oversight. With this oversight, you can create the highest possible return for the lowest possible risk and, therefore, with maximum efficiency.

Commenda Rapportages

Quality and trust

Commenda works for you entirely objectively and transparently. We do not advise you in the field of investment, or provide asset management services. We are consequently independent and are ideally positioned to assess asset managers in terms of their added value.

Commenda Rapportages


Commenda’s reports enable you to measure and discuss the performance of managers and banks with ease. Returns and costs are clearly visible and are compared with benchmarks. This makes you a well-informed investor, as a result of which you make your own people and external advisers (still) sharper. We also check your cost agreements with them. Experience shows that this avoids high costs every year. Our reports earn themselves back.

Custom service

Commenda produces the report in accordance with your wishes (or those of your tax consultant or accountant). Detailed or concise. At the moment that you choose. You receive a report that precisely meets your requirements.

We would be happy to discuss this with you in person.