About Commenda

Why Commenda


Our focus lies on organising and steering assets of private individuals, managing directors and major shareholders and family businesses. We are not affiliated to other financial institutions. In the interests of the client, we do not provide asset management or tax consultancy services. This rules out every form of conflicts of interest. It enables us to negotiate the costs of these institutions in accordance with good merchant practice and to be flexible in the selection of the right asset managers. This independence distinguishes us from other family offices. As a most trusted advisor, we are unique in that regard.


According to our clients, one of our major qualities is that we take financial management worries off their hands, making things as easy as possible for them.

Commenda knows the needs of its clients. This is highly appreciated. We have a personal and result-oriented approach. This is why we have long-term relationships with our clients.

Compliance & Integrity

Trust is hard to gain and easy to lose. A long-term relationship is not built up overnight. It requires mutual trust. We screen our employees fully. To some extent, we are also required by Dutch law to screen you. Knowing so much about each other creates a special relationship, which we treat with the utmost integrity. De Nederlandsche Bank imposes laws and rules of conduct with which we must comply.

Since 2009 we have held all the necessary licences (among other things, Commenda holds a licence from De Nederlandsche Bank pursuant to the Act on the Supervision of Trust Offices) and our Compliance department monitors correct compliance with the rules. We therefore remain far away from corrupt practices, fraud, money laundering etc. This is in both our interests.

Social Engagement

Social engagement - Dutch National Ballet

Commenda takes its social responsibility in an appropriate manner. Commenda is involved with the Dutch National Ballet at a management level.

In the almost 50 years of the National Ballet’s existence, the company has become one of the world leaders. Ballet moves us and shows us humanity in all its strength and vulnerability. Through its close involvement, Commenda also makes it possible for the National Ballet to have an opportunity to flourish and for dancers to be given the scope that they need.


Commenda has an extensive network of reliable and expert advisers, both in the Netherlands and elsewhere, which is necessary for optimal management of a client’s entire capital. Through our different forms of work for many clients, we have gained extensive experience with these advisers. We join forces of and for different clients. This synergy affords benefits of scale, including the bundling of ideas and assets, an expansion of the network and affordable access to top-quality services of the world’s best specialists. This may include asset managers, lawyers, accountants, civil-law notaries, tax consultants and real estate advisers.

Providing access to our network of clients is therefore self-evidently part of our service.


Discretion forms the basis of our work. For Commenda, this is a precondition for deploying its knowledge and skills for its clients.

We know from experience how important your privacy is. As a principle, there must be a special basis of trust before you fully disclose all your activities. We are well aware that this is a fairly substantial request.

IT systems
Your anonymity and protection of your privacy are a priority in our IT systems too. Your data are held at our company, and it is our responsibility to ensure that they stay there. We are aware that the vulnerability of IT systems is in debate worldwide. We therefore hold the highest possible level of certification in that field. Our systems are checked regularly by external experts and we work with certified partners. You can expect that of us.

“Our IT systems are highly professional and focused on security. Because we attach great importance to this. Regular checks are conducted by external security experts. We make no concessions in that regard.”

– Frederik Redelé