Commenda is a specialised agency that provides wealthy private individuals with all possible types of financial and administrative services. Commenda advises these clients and helps them to organise and invest their assets. In essence, we are a professional sounding board for financial matters.

The most important values for Commenda are discretion, independence, reliability, personal attention for the client and quality. Commenda does not sell its own products or receive commission from the consultants it uses. Commenda is paid only by its clients. That is your guarantee that Commenda will always act as your most trusted advisor. 


  • Commenda Family Office is one of the larger multi-family offices in the Netherlands, with two branches. We guide and advise wealthy private individuals and families and help them to organise their assets.
  • Commenda International provides specialist services to (international) companies with Dutch offices. Providing management and domiciliation are the main activities.
  • Commenda Fund Administration provides financial and administrative services and supplies custom-designed asset reports.
  • Commenda Charity Office provides services to charitable foundations and associations.


The clients of Commenda Family Office include wealthy private individuals, families, and financial holding companies with a wide range of financial interests and assets. Commenda International provides services to (international) companies and to private individuals. Commenda Fund Administration provides administrative services for various types of funds, for the clients of Commenda Family Office and for others. Commenda Charity Office provides specialised services for good causes to wealthy private individuals, the new generation of entrepreneurial philanthropists, charitable institutions and businesses with a social mission.


“In medieval Italy, a business organization known as the commenda appeared in the 10th century that was generally used for financing maritime trade. In a commenda, the traveling trader of the ship had unlimited liability, but his investment partners on land were shielded. A commenda was not a common form for a long-term business venture as most long-term businesses were still expected to be secured against the assets of their individual”


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